Forecasting and replenishment science and technologies have advanced substantially over the past few years.  Data has become more available and less expensive to store and transmit.  Computing power, especially utilizing the cloud, has become far more cost-effective and scalable.  User interfaces have become much more intuitive, powerful, and easy to use.
P4’s solutions take full advantage of all these advances.  Our forecasting algorithms use all of your customer transactions, not just summarized demand.  Our forecasting models understand many demand patterns that other systems simply assume are random.  By quantifying these patterns rather than chalking them up as randomness, we are able to predict future demand patterns with much more certainty and accuracy than other systems.  In a forecasting system, the more demand patterns that you can model rather than assume are randomness, the better the forecast. This increased accuracy translates into improved service levels to your customers at a much lower cost than you’ll achieve using any other solution.

Advanced Forecasting & Replenishment

Efficient Inventory
Since our solutions run on the cloud, you can leave all of the technical difficulties to us.  We’ll worry about backups, security, obsolescence and all of the other technology costs.  Your users just need a browser.
Your users will love the power and intuitiveness of their new user interface.  They will be amazed at how productive and efficient they are.  More importantly, once live on the P4 solution, you will be amazed at how your entire company is operating much more efficiently and profitably.
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Utilizing P4’s quantity-based pricing optimization, the most cost-effective purchase quantity size will be selected by taking into account the present value of cash-flows of price, inventory carrying costs, and handling costs...
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Store Level

Managing inventory at the store level is a challenging task. The demand for good customer service combined with the fast-paced work environment of today makes it difficult to maintain inventory. The P4 Solution incorporates the many constraints store level companies work under and optimizes their inventory levels to ensure maximum profits... 
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Pharmacy Solutions

In today's pharmacy, having the inventory you need and when you need it has become an integral part of success and sustainability. Learn how P4 can help you manage your inventory to meet your goals...
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Planning Globally

Multi-Echelon Solutions

Achieving the optimal levels of inventory across the supply chain is a vital business function for any enterprise. The benefits of running a supply chain with leaner inventories range from a simple reduction in overall cost to increased sales and higher customer service levels...
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