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A Solution for Pharmacies Looking to Maximize Their Profitability

The P4 solution is a sophisticated, cloud-based software platform that uses scientific forecasting and replenishment tools to better manage a pharmacy’s inventory. 

Can be used in the Retail Pharmacy and   Hospital Pharmacy,

The Impact On Your Pharmcy

Watch this 90 second video to learn how the P4Rx Inventory Solutuion will positively impact your pharmacy. 
 "I have been a pharmacy owner for over 8 years. The P4 system is by far the single best business decision I have made for my pharmacy. The system is so user friendly and very intuitive. I was able to reduce my inventory by over $100,000 and increase cash flow within just a few weeks. I would highly recommend any pharmacy owner to invest in the P4 system!"   
Patrick McCarty
Owner of West End Pharmacy
Clintwood, VA
Happy Pharmacist

Maximize Profits

With accurate forecasts and a statistical replenishment model, you will have the right quantities of inventory at the right time.
Free up cash
Increase your inventory turnover rate
Reduce operating costs
Significantly reduce slow moving items

Maximize ROI

Overstock returns: 
​Recommends returns for items if it is more cost effective to return that item than wait for it to sell down. 
Overstock transfers:
Move inventory within your own network of stores instead of buying unneeded inventory from wholesalers.
Pricing optimization:
Recommends the most cost effective bottle size to order that minimizes the total cost of carrying a given drug.
Fewer "Owes": 
Increased revenues by having fewer out of stocks.
Manage Cash Flow:
Projected inventory levels help you manage you cash flow because they give you insight on what items will be more beneficial to invest in for the future.

Increase Service Levels

You set target service level goals and P4's sophisticated algorithms give you the tools to meet those goals 

Forecasts trends and seasonality of product demand
Forecasts day of week and day of month sales patterns
Engaged Pharmacists

Workload Efficiency

Intuitive and easy to use
Technology is easy to implement and maintain
Point and click user interface
Daily ordering process can be totally automated
"The first day I used P4, I returned over $18,000 in overstock. My bank account thanks you."
Trena Weidmann
Owner of P&S Pharmacy since 1982
Corsicana, TX
Patient Specific Forecasting
Patient-Specific Forecasting was developed to help pharmacies manage their high cost, maintenance drugs. Because it can be difficult to accurately forecast these types of drugs, P4Rx uses a separate forecasting algorithm to recommend when to order them. Instead of using the demand history to forecast the number of units sold each day, the Patient Specific Forecast algorithms use patient script fill history and past behavior to predict when they are most likely to come in for their next prescription fill. This allows P4Rx to automatically create a schedule for each combination of patient and the drug they are taking.
Smart Cycle Count
The Cycle Count feature in the P4Rx is an additional way P4 helps you keep your inventory accurate and profitable. Instead of counting all of your inventory once a year, the Cycle Count feature provides short lists of drugs to efficiently count small portions of your inventory each day.
Focused Doctor

Accurate Forecasting

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Demand patterns in a pharmacy vary by day of week and day of the month.  Some drugs have seasonal patterns and others don’t.  Demand for certain drugs is growing while demand for others is shrinking.  As you know, many drugs are very costly.  Doesn’t it make sense to forecast all of these demand patterns to not only save money but provide your patients with the best possible service and care?  P4 makes all of this easy for you.
A Powerful Replenishment Tool
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The P4 Solution allows you to take complete control of your pharmacy’s inventory. With tools that are intuitive and easy to use, you decide at the SKU level what service levels you want to maintain for your patients and how much you are willing to invest in inventory.  
Tools Built for the Pharmacy
  1. Overstock Transfers
    Rather than purchasing a needed item from the wholesaler, the system will recommend a transfer between stores. The system compares cost of holding O/S vs cost of handling and transporting the inventory.
  2. Automated Returns
    System automatically recommends inventory returns when it is cheaper to return the inventory than it is to hold the items during the sell down period.
  3. Forward Buying
    As special offers become available, P4 will recommend investment buys to help you maximize profit from these opportunities.
  1. Generic Substitution
    System automatically selects the substitution and bottle size that makes the most sense to carry given the drug's demand patterns.
  2. Forecast On Drug Level
    System forecasts demand for drugs and strength rather than individual NDCs. You’ll get the best priced drugs to meet your patient’s needs.
  3. Planned Demand
    System allows you to schedule demand for high cost items so that the product arrives just-in-time for patient pick up. This keeps inventory costs down and cash flow up.